We are 86761F, the Animal Riders

A VEX IQ team from Taiwan, also the best(?) team in the world
Andrew Kuo

Andrew is the programmer in the team, and is also a bit controlling. He keeps things on track in the team and codes the robot meanwhile. He is fat and also the person who does most of the paperwork in the team.

Zoey Lai

Zoey is a passionate girl who has extremely talented skills in both driving and building the robot. She helps us fix the structure and unstable parts in the robot, and plays a significant role in the team.

Samson Hsueh

Samson is the most energetic person in the team. He works hard to design the base through the process of trial and error. His existence always brings and added feel of happiness to the team.

Alen Wu

Alen is a warm and helpful person. He is the person who gives us ideas during brainstorms, and also designed the general structures of the ball collector.


Our robot

How does it look like

You can see a comment box below. Please give us some suggestions for our robot. Also, no swearing please. It will be blocked anyway.

Other Practicing Pictures

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